Who we will never forget…

Our teacher is amazing we wont forget her and I know she won’t forget us. We will ALWAYS love and Miss you Miss Cox we all hope your new school and your husband please stay in touch with us and if you can, can you skype us? May everything come true. I think I say this from everyone we will miss you. Love from Leah~ WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH! 

My Chocolate Poem





Oh those chocolate and candy everywhere

Lavish,luxurious  Ferraro rocher 










Koo Koo Kanga Dinosaur Stomp

Our year 3 and 4 show!

Today, we did our Time Lord show in front of the whole school, it was pretty embarrassing for me because I was Boudicca and I had to shout in front of everyone that was watching. On the other hand, it was pretty cool doing it, I also had face paint on today which started at the top of my forehead and went down to the bottom of my neck. I had soooo much fun, I can’t wait until the parents come to see me!

It is all going to be perfect  because of Miss Ahmed and Miss Cox.  I cannot thank you enough. I want to save my voice for tomorrow. So, thank you to all the teachers who helped with this play even the crew people including Mr Wood also, thank you to all the TA’s that helped do the backgrounds,the props and the mics.

SSSJ presents… The Time Lord!

IMG 2829 225x300 SSSJ presents... The Time Lord!

The DInopods: Rex, Raptor, Steggor, Tritor and Bronto

IMG 28601 e1396558369722 225x300 SSSJ presents... The Time Lord!


IMG 28531 e1396558280429 225x300 SSSJ presents... The Time Lord!

Florence and her injured patients

IMG 2825 e1396558140160 225x300 SSSJ presents... The Time Lord!

Lord Emit

IMG 28411 e1396558209863 225x300 SSSJ presents... The Time Lord!

Queen Boudicca

IMG 2864 e1396558083452 225x300 SSSJ presents... The Time Lord!

The evacuees

IMG 2836 300x225 SSSJ presents... The Time Lord!

The Johnsons family

IMG 2838 300x225 SSSJ presents... The Time Lord!

Queen Boudicca and the Iceni tribe

IMG 2846 300x225 SSSJ presents... The Time Lord!

Celtic Warriors

IMG 2847 300x225 SSSJ presents... The Time Lord!

Roman Warriors



A big well done to all of Year 4 on producing one of the best shows that Miss Cox and I have ever seen.  It was evident that a lot of hard work and effort had been put into learning the lines, songs and dance moves.

Well done Year 4… Great job!

My Acrostic poem for Mothering Sunday.

This is my Acrostic poem which we did today with the ABSOLUTE best teacher ever! Also, Miss Ahmed made a statement saying “your mum is gonna cry when she sees this.”

Magnificent mother you are the best because you never ever rest.

Oh! Your the worlds best mum and will always be the best mum, you’re as caring as… NOBODY, well I can’t think of anything however Miss Ahmed is also, very kind.

The whole world know you are the best and so do I, You are there for me when I need you, and I am always on your side when you need me. The person I know and love and will ALWAYS love is you.

Holy God praise my mother because she has done nothing but care for me and my sister every second I’m with you, you deserve a rest because you hardly do rest so on Mothering Sunday I will give you the chance to rest and will do whatever it takes to make you have a MASSIVE beamy smile on your face.

Every day and every night you care for me, you are kind to me and millions more! I am so estatic that you are my mother and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my mum.

Really generous, extremely caring and like i said millions more! Also, roses are red and violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this.
























Our IPC show

The countdown to the show has begun. 
5 days left until the dress rehearsal and…. 9 days left until we perform the show for the parents!
Everybody in Year 4 has been working extremely hard and putting in maximum effort to make sure that they learn their lines, learn the words and actions to the songs.  We truly are all CHAMPIONS!



The skype call soon!

If Miss Cox has not forgot about the skype call we might call the class she used to work at. If we are I CANNOT wait to meet Vrittika because she always comments on my work and I CANNOT wait if we ever do meet year 5 

International day

On International day we learnt a lot of things with other teachers and l learnt about different  countries . It was so much fun  For example: we did Bollywood dancing with Miss Ahmed, We learnt about Ireland with Mrs Conner and lots more things and I hope you had fun on International day.    By Muskaan

International Day at SSSJ

On Friday we held an International Day at our school.  We dressed up in colours to represent the different flags of the different countries and some of us wore traditional dresses from different countries.  We visited various countries to learn lots about their culture, language, dress, famous landmarks, food and other interesting facts about them. 

In Year 4, we visited:

Australia where we studied Aboriginal art.

India where we learnt to write our name in Urdu, decorate hands using henna art and dance, (Bollywood style.)

Ireland where we learnt how to speak Irish.

Italy where we designed our own pizzas.

New Zealand where we looked at Haka dance.

We had lots of fun and really enjoyed travelling.