Year 4 SSSJ CE Primary School

Building a better future together…

We want Miss Ahmed back!!!

Me and Alisha miss,Miss Ahmed so so much we wish she never left us in the first place. All the class were going to go around the school and chant we want Miss Ahmed back. Please come and visit it will be a pleasure to see your face once again as you look like an angel.

What I am going to do today

Today I am going to make 1D cupcakes with my auntie and they are going to make chocolate ones with 1D face labels on them .

To prove everyone wrong that we don’t sing bad !!!

Today,year 4a,4c and 3s had our singing practice with Mrs Wightman. Apparently in our other show last year, which was called pirates and the curry bean, we sang awfully.  Consequently, we wanted to prove everyone that we weren’t bad at singing and that’s all that matters. Also Miss Ahmed was awful at singing because she had a sore throat so if I was you, don’t ask her to demonstrate when her throat is hurting !!!

Thursdays trip to the Mosque!

  On Thursday we went to Zakaria mosque and we walked but it doesn’t matter as long as Miss Ahmed was with us. Before we went inside the Mosque most of us saw a big tower so , when we went inside we asked this lady . What it was for and whats it call ?
The long tower was called a Mineret and the minaret is there because a man goes up and calls everybody to come and pray. 

y4′s IPC

In IPC we are learning about chocolate but in geography, we are learning about where chocolate comes from.
Chocolate comes from cacao beans that are from Indonesia,Ghana,Mexico,Brazil and many other places!!
Also we are learning about who brought chocolate to different countries and who discovered chocolate first. The Aztecs discovered chocolate first and brought it to different country’s !!!!